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Our Supporters

You’re in great company… 150 people have signed the charter so far:

Owen Fletcherconfirmed
Rachel Parsonsconfirmed
Charles Pallettconfirmed
Gina Mudgeconfirmed
Jacqui Verganiconfirmed
Lesley Pettettconfirmed
Tony Milesconfirmed
Lionel Colbyconfirmed
Mary Edgarconfirmed
Jonathan Elliott-Jonesconfirmed
Jim Edgarconfirmed
Rosemary Elliott-Jonesconfirmed
George Everettconfirmed
Chris Hallettconfirmed
Susan Seymourconfirmed
Roy Carlierconfirmed
Debbie Leaconfirmed
Steve Leaconfirmed
Andrew Mackeldenconfirmed
Gill Barkerconfirmed
David Bidwellconfirmed
Pat Hooperconfirmed
Luke McEwenconfirmed
Rob Hughesconfirmed
Emma McEwenconfirmed
Tom Cornwallconfirmed
Jon Ellisconfirmed
Jonathan Bleaseconfirmed
Andrew Fosterconfirmed
William Mudgeconfirmed
Chris Caswellconfirmed
Emily Cainconfirmed
Barbara Browne Browneconfirmed
Nicola Kellyconfirmed
Jack Daviesconfirmed
Bianca McNabconfirmed
Nigel Russellconfirmed
Sally Saundersconfirmed
david joslingconfirmed
Nicky Tindallconfirmed
Bruce Tindallconfirmed
Eleanor Corbettconfirmed
Fiona Rogersconfirmed
Christine Narramoreconfirmed
Charlotte Bakerconfirmed
Jacq Forrestconfirmed
Grace Brennanconfirmed
Lisa Malterconfirmed
Sarah Fawkesconfirmed
Duncan Fawkesconfirmed
Sally Cowieconfirmed
Giles Lloyd Williamsconfirmed
Martina Humberconfirmed
Caroline Greggconfirmed
Gill Hickmanconfirmed
Sophie Robertsonconfirmed
Conrad Kellyconfirmed
James Cullenconfirmed
Robert Jonesconfirmed
Rob Jordanconfirmed
Fiona PRITCHARDconfirmed
Alastair Wardconfirmed
Rob Searconfirmed
Keith Charlesconfirmed
Mel Johnsonconfirmed
Will Carsonconfirmed
Deborah Blackconfirmed
Jonathan Hollandconfirmed
Carolyn lumleyconfirmed
Hugh Griffithconfirmed
Kate Chapmanconfirmed
Toby caveconfirmed
Helen Schneiderconfirmed
Patrick Andrewsconfirmed
Camilla Pearseconfirmed
Clare Quinnconfirmed
Barry Dunningconfirmed
Tom McEwenconfirmed
Wendy Collyerconfirmed
Ben Mannconfirmed
Clare Barfootconfirmed
Susan Williamsconfirmed
Dominic Boddingtonconfirmed
Hannah Nasrallaconfirmed
Clare Muirconfirmed
David Muirconfirmed
julia raceconfirmed
Gareth Griffithsconfirmed
Jessie Rogersconfirmed
Richard Tuttconfirmed
Jim Mitchellconfirmed
Gareth Jonesconfirmed
Vance Russellconfirmed
Ian Sampsonconfirmed
Tim Pearceconfirmed
Tim Gambleconfirmed
Andrew Coppingconfirmed
Martin Smithconfirmed
Bronwen Bridgesconfirmed
Deborah Hillyarconfirmed
Regula Balmerconfirmed
Rob Morrissconfirmed
Tim Palmerconfirmed
Laurence Fletcherconfirmed
Philippa Headleyconfirmed
Maxine Vinesconfirmed
Jane Willardconfirmed
Louise Hallettconfirmed
Steve Wilksconfirmed
Heather Websterconfirmed
Jim Smithconfirmed
Michelle Dovetonconfirmed
Margaret Thoytsconfirmed
Kevin Wassellconfirmed
Lionel Wolovitzconfirmed
Peter Claphamconfirmed
Andrew Burtonconfirmed
Colin Hayesconfirmed
Gillian Bennetconfirmed
Mandy Taitconfirmed
Jack Cliffordconfirmed
Vivien Millsconfirmed
Valeria Sestoconfirmed
Timothy Daviesconfirmed
George Millsconfirmed
Barbara Waltonconfirmed
Catherine Maguireconfirmed
Matthew Brearleyconfirmed
Elizabeth Grimwoodconfirmed
julia Raceconfirmed
Nicky Bowlerconfirmed
Nicci Dossettconfirmed
Jane Mckeonconfirmed
Neil Stevensonconfirmed
Ruth Forsythconfirmed
Douglas Forsythconfirmed
Louise Hoskenconfirmed
Howard Farbrotherconfirmed
Sue Mayesconfirmed
Charles Watsonconfirmed
Jackie Streetconfirmed
Paul Coxconfirmed
Nicola Simpsonconfirmed
Clare Gronowconfirmed
Melanie Lawesconfirmed
Taeya Bierlingconfirmed
Charlotte Moonanconfirmed
Nick Johnconfirmed
Kate Woodleyconfirmed