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Getting more people to cycle can make a significant contribution towards tackling many of the problems faced in the modern world – congestion, air pollution, obesity, mental health issues, poor quality of life – whilst also providing an economic stimulus that can revitalise Lymington & Pennington and helps it towards a more vibrant future.

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  • Improve general health and mental wellbeing

    physically active individuals take 27% fewer sick days each year than those that are not

  • Boosting the high street and local town centres

    walking and cycling improvements can increase retail spend by up to 30%

  • Wider environmental & economic benefits

    help to prevent nationally billions of pounds worth of health and environmental damage

  • Active travel is accessible and inclusive

    Making it easier to walk and cycle means that more of us can enjoy the benefits

(from Transport for London information)

The Charter

We, the Mayor, town council, people, businesses, schools and the Hospital want the renowned Georgian town of Lymington, situated between Sea and Forest, to be a sustainable and healthy place to visit and in which to live, work, sail and walk.


This project has been created by Lymington Transition Towns. Helping our community to transition to stronger, safer and greener, thriving communities.

Please visit us on Facebook to see what’s going on, and how you could benefit, and get involved.
The group are part of the New Forest Transition Group, and the UK Transition Towns Network.
The idea for this project came from Winchester’s Cycle Charter, and they gave full permission for us to use their work.


We want to see a Lymington and Pennington where…

  • Lymington and Pennington is a cycle-friendly town for all.
  • Children and students can safely cycle to and from school, with a chaperoned ‘Bike Bus’ cycle group* if needed for safety. (And to then cycle on to the library).
  • People can easily and safely cycle to work, with bicycles in enclosed lockable storage.
  • Residents find it just as easy to use a bicycle for errands around town, as getting the car out (and probably taking up a precious parking place in the town).
  • Visitors can cycle safely and easily into town, can find enough well-designed, secure parking racks along the High Street, the Quay, St Barbe’s and the Lymington Centre. So ’car-free’ is the natural choice.
  • The local cycle routes, engineered for safety, encourage respect between different users wherever space is shared, either on the road or on the footpath.
  • Anyone who is able to ride a bicycle has access to a bicycle


We believe that better provision for cycling can…

  • Be instrumental in reducing pressure on the town centre car parks at peak times, improving air quality, and managing how residents in new housing choose to travel.
  • Make essential car journeys more efficient, by taking out some unnecessary car travel.
  • Support the fast-growing ‘sustainable tourism’ sector in the National Park, which is already an international holiday destination and Lymington a potential lead player.
  • Encourage people to get their ’10 minutes a day’ of exercise, improving their physical and mental well-being, and reducing the burden on local health and care services.
  • Support business by boosting the health and thereby productivity of the workforce.

*What’s this? Just search ‘Barrack Road bike bus’.

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